Wide Angle Street Photography in New York City


Professional street photographers always stick to one or two professional wide angle lenses of their choice. And most of the time, they would use fixed focus lenses between 21mm to 50mm depending on their unique shooting angle.

This is a very unique post with street photos from New York City which were done using wide angle lenses like the Nikon 24mm wide angle lens, or the more popular Nikon 35mm wide angle lens or the Nikon 50mm normal lens. Such wideness of the lens lets me approach subjects extremely close & make images that stand out.

These street portraits are done in various streets in New York City. No flashes were used, and most of the time, I would just spot, shoot and move on to the next subject.

New York City provides you with so many opportunities to make great candid people photos that there is never any shortage of subjects – and very unique ones either in their appearances, or their expressions or their activities.

These photos are displayed as they were shot with minor changes to their resolution to make them suitable for the website.

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