Travel Photography – Dinner over Lake Bomoseen


Lake Bomoseen  is in Western Vermont – in a different direction from the most famous scenic Vermont roads that are the major tourist attractions. It is a delightful spot that I happened to discover on one of  my Vermont road trips & an equally great opportunity for great travel photography.

I was lodging in Dover, but looking to discover new places. So one day I decided to go west, went past Manchester (known for its shopping outlets) and then turned north following Rt 30. The roads in that part have far less traffic but the scenery and the farmlands are just as beautiful.

Lake Bomoseen is part of the system of lakes formed by glaciation that includes Lake George and Lake Champlain. Soon after I came upon a unique spot on the road that allowed me pull over at a parking spot at the foot of a hill. Right across was the Lakehouse Bar and Grill. What a nice place for a restaurant I thought!

Having found a window seat inside, I found the view to be marvelous. The restaurant was perched on the side of the cliff that went down to the small marina. The boats are mostly privately owned. I could imagine what a delight a boat ride would be on that sunny afternoon.

There were seating available outside on the terrace. Is summertime that would be full with diners having a great time late into the night with music and all as the sun set over the rolling hills on the other side of the lake.

The food is pretty good and the staff are very friendly. I had quite an appetite and picked something the name of which was least familiar to me. Osso-bucco turned out to be a pound of pork nicely roasted with herbs – a very filling and satisfying meal.

I lingered at my place enjoying the setting sun – for some reason it felt  like I was part of a movie.


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