Travel Photography – Cape Elizabeth Two Lights Lighthouse in Maine

Travel Photography - West Lights at Two Lighthouses in Cape Elizabeth Maine

The Two Lights lighthouse is one of the prime lighthouses to photograph in Cape Elizabeth at the entrance to Casco Bay in Maine. The lighthouses are constructed of cast iron & currently lies on privately owned estates.

The name 2 Lights Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth of Maine comes from 2 lighthouses about 300 yards apart originally built in 1828 & reconstructed in 1874.

While the western lighthouse tower is inactive, the 67 feet tall eastern still works. Currently the keeper’s area lies in private property, so you have to photograph the Two Lights lighthouse from around.

During low tides, you could walk out into the ocean for a variety of views of the 2 Lights lighthouse overlooking the steep rocky fall. Although the land is owned by a private owner, I saw several photographers parking at the end of Two Lights Road & then walk back up the road and down Two Lights Terrace. They walked along the road and get right to the end of the driveway for better images of the lighthouse.

Driving directions for GPS: 225 Two Lights Road, Cape Elizabeth, Maine 04107. This will lead you right into the parking lot at the foot of the 2 Lights Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth.

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