Side Street Photography in Florham Park NJ


It’s the 3rd of July and the quiet city is preparing silently for the 4th of July celebrations. Yesterday had been sunny with temperatures soaring above 85F and the thunders broke loose at night.

It’s raining from very early morning. You do not see many people outside in this small suburban New Jersey city when it rains, expect for people shopping for groceries or coming for a Starbucks menu.

I took up my usual place on the Starbucks porch. I’ve been there almost every weekend. I bring my camera just in case I get a good portrait or a candid side street photography. Starbucks attracts a lot of people and many would like to sit outside enjoying the sun for a bite and a latte.

These side street photos were taken with a handheld Nikon D200 with a Nikon 17mm wide lens. The images are displayed as they were shot without any digital manipulation.

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