Photographing Skateboarding like a Professional Photographer


The recent Transworld Skateboarding Championship was a great event to learn & try out techniques to take professional quality pictures of skateboarding. Photo gears are an important factor in getting the right images.

Professional quality sports cameras are designed to focus continuously on a moving subject, shoot high frames per second (either in crop mode or in full resolution) & have a high buffer with equally high writing speeds.

In addition, your digital memory card, usually CF cards must be able to write the huge amount of data from the camera’s buffer so that you can continue to shoot your subject.

One of the most important displays of professional skateboarding photos include the entire sequence of run-up, jump, twist & the landing. Use of an external Speedlight flash also helps in adding that additional bit of light to your moving subjects.

There are more images from this skateboard competition organized as sequences of jump shots, skateboard lifts & hoops in the following galleries.

These images are taken with a Nikon F100 & the digital Nikon D200 using Speedlight SB600 & Manfrotto monopod.

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