NYC Musician – Singer Guitarist Daniel Keddo in Central Park

New York City Musician Daniel Kedo Central Park

The New York City Street Musicians & Street Artists Album – Part 2 has new updates. The New York City Street Musicians & Street Artists is an ongoing project to document & photograph the various talented musicians and artists who work on various streets and parks of New York City.

I met Daniel Keddo & his brother Kofi singing & playing the Guitar on the Poet’s Walk in Central Park.

NYC Central Park Singer guitarist Daniel Keddo Daniel was grew up in Michigan, where he has played music all his life. Prior to that, he was playing a variety of music, including the piano, bass, drums & the guitar with his father in the church. His father was a pastor in the church in Ghana & that was the beginning of music for Daniel when he began playing at around 7 years.

At 24 now, Daniel now lives in Michigan & was traveling to his uncle in New Jersey to try out his life as a musician in New York City. He was also accompanied by his cousin Kofi from Michigan. While Daniel played alone most of the time, he was joined by Kofi towards the end of our session.

Daniel Keddo has a unique style including the charms on his neck & the guitar band. While he was singing in praise of the Lord, he was completely immersed in his music & had very little knowledge of the crowd that was gathering along the Poet’s Walk in Central Park.

View the complete photo documentary of Daniel Keddo & Kofi singing & playing the guitar along the Poet’s Walk in Central Park, NYC on the New York City Street Musicians & Street Artists Album – Part 2 gallery.

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