New York City Drummers – Yannyck Chaka of Central Park Drumming Circle Playing Afro Pop on Djembe

Yannyck Chaka Jungle Boy Chaka Chocolate African Drummers Djembe Musicians Central Park New York City

The New York City Street Musicians & Street Artists Album – Part 2 has new updates. The New York City Street Musicians & Street Artists is an ongoing project to document & photograph the various talented musicians and artists who work on various streets and parks of New York City.

Yannyck Chaka was born in Congo & grew up in a family where almost everyone played African pop music & various African musical instruments. He is now a proficient drummer living in New York City but continues to influence people with his amazing drumming skills.

His music style has a strong influence of African pop music, African folk music especially those from Senegal, Jamaica & Congo. he is now working on fusion drumming with African pop tunes & American & Latin dances.

Yannyck Chaka Chocolate Chaka of Central Park Drumming Circle New York Playing African Pop on Djembe Yannyck Chaka formed the Central Park Drumming Circle in 1997 to encourage people learn & play the various forms of African music. He himself is a percussionist, choreographs his own music & African pop dances, a songwriter and occasionally does a little bit of acting.

Yannyck Chaka also retails his music online & on CDs where he captured his genres like African pop, African tribal & war music, Reggae, Hip Hop, African Samba, Rock, African Rumba, Soca , Soukouss & belly dance music.

The photo gallery shows several drummers playing the soka, tunka & other African war music on their Djembes in Central Park, NYC. The drummers include Yannyck, Matinga, Colleen & Gabbano amongst others.

To view more photos of Yannyck Chaka (Chocolate Chaka) of the Central Park Drumming Circle & the Jungle Boy playing African pop music on the Djembe in Central Park, NYC go to the New York City Street Musicians & Street Artists Album – Part 2 photo documentary.

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