Getting the Right Pose for Indoor Pet Photos


Pet ProPhoto Pose for Professional Indoor Pet Photos

You could photograph professional pet pictures both indoors & outdoors. There are several tips here on Pet Photography to help you improve your style & quality of pictures of pets. This tip is about getting the right look in the eyes for the best pet photos.

The eyes the one of the most (or possibly the single most) important feature of any portrait. And its true for pets as well. And as in any other photo, the winning pet photo should not look like its organized, as a set-up. This makes it necessary to follow the pet & understand its behavior a little bit so that you would know the uniqueness of each single animal.

In the example above, the dog would climb up a few stairs & sit down. And then he would jut his nose out to keep and eye on whats happening below. He does it several times a day & hence became a unique pose for him.

The second tip for a pet pro photo is to avoid direct eye contact with the animal while taking the picture. However, it completely depends on the situation because many pet portraits come out best when the animals stares right into your camera.

In this situation however, the photo with the dog looking off camera is much more appealing than the one where he is staring right into the camera.

Pet Pro Photography Tips

In the photo above, you have the full attention of the pet, however the photo seems too made up, too artificial, like you have done it in a studio set up. In my personal choice of pro pet photography, I’d like to photograph them in action, in association with humans or with other animals or just being themselves. The first photo, with the dog looking off camera certainly appeals more to me than the one below.

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