Finding the Right Perspective & Angle for the Best Photo


Best Photo Perspective for Professional Photos

Perspective indicates the relative positions & comparative sizes of the various points of interest in a picture. It helps a photographer to isolate the subject from the clutter & often direct the vision of the viewer to the story.

This is a very simple example how the right perspective could help create lines leading into the picture, thus enabling the viewer to travel through the photo and end up at the strongest focal point.

ProPhto Tips on Perspective for Best Photo

These 2 images are of the same subject – hand holding a cigarette between the fingers, but taken from 2 different angles. There is nothing right or wrong about any of these images except that in the first image, the perspective uses the strong lines created by the fingers to lead the attention to the cigarette.

In the second point, due to the even tone of the picture, there are no strong lines, but the attention does eventually end at the cigarette too.  The viewer inadvertently winds up at the cigarette in the absence of any other points of interest.

Perspectives are a matter of choice for the photographer. Professional photographers have used this technique to create emphatic, attention grabbing patterns or completely isolate subject from the rest of the image, creating a master story in every frame.

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