Central Park Musicians – Ralph U Williams Playing Saxophone & Jazz in New York City

Ralph U Williams Saxophones Flute Player Central Park New York City Musician

The New York City Street Musicians & Street Artists Album – Part 2 has new updates. The New York City Street Musicians & Street Artists is an ongoing project to document & photograph the various talented musicians and artists who work on various streets and parks of New York City.

Ralph U Williams grew up in Florida and has been playing the saxophone & the flutes since he was in school. He also played the drums while he was in school but took up the saxophone more seriously when he was in the graduate school.

Ralph U Williams Central Park New York City Street Saxophone Player He tried to play the Clarinet as well when he was in the US Navy Music School but decided in favor of the more sophisticated saxophone very soon.

He moved from Florida to San Francisco where he happened to be the only saxophone player in Pier 39 at that time. He became more serious about his music & started to take lessons from Joe Henderson in San Francisco.

Ralph U Williams moved to New York & has been playing in various clubs, parties & gigs in New York from 1994. On weekends Ralph would play saxophone & jazz in Central Park.

Ralph Williams is not tech savvy but while I was there with him, he opened up his phone & showed me photos of his family & his 3 year old daughter who is in now living with her mother in Tokyo, Japan. He told me that he is trying to get an opportunity to move to Tokyo, Japan & possibly settle there with his daughter.

To view more of Ralph William’s photos playing Jazz & the saxophone in Central Park, New York City, visit the The New York City Street Musicians & Street Artists Album – Part 2 photo album.

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2 Comments on Central Park Musicians – Ralph U Williams Playing Saxophone & Jazz in New York City

  1. Alton Reddick // 12/07/2011 at 11:06 AM //

    Is there a way that I coould contact Ralph Williams? I was a bass player in the Navy music program from 1972 through 1979. I had the opportunity to play with a Ralph Williams during that period. If you could pass my locating information to Ralph or have him go to my facebook page would be great. My name is Alton R. Reddick Sr. I live in the metro Atlanta area. Thanks! Alton

  2. Hello Alton, I see your email address. I would try to get Ralph’s contact details & let him know that you are trying to get in touch. Im sure you’d understand if I am not able to send his contact details to you from the website, but I’d be happy to reconnect both of you!

    Cheers! Ranjay

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