Central Park Music


The inspiration to photograph and write about the brilliant Central Park, NYC musicians are fueled every time I meet any of these amazing musicians in either the New York City streets or in Central Park.

Over time I have come to know a lot of them in person and have admired not only their talent but their spirit & love for music that makes them come out & play on the streets every time.

I am humbled every time I hear a musician play the saxophone or make people get on their feat & dance to their drums. As a photographer, its been my way of saying thanks to these musicians by making the best possible picture in their natural surrounding.

Central Park Music

There is a multi-part photo album on most of the musicians I have photographed in New York City & in Central Park. Along with that, there are individual write-ups on these musicians too in the following:

The photo above includes Yannyck Chaka, Gabbano Viola, Matinga & Colleen among other drummers playing Djembe to African folk tunes in Central Park, NYC. The photos are taken with professional street photo cameras & gears.

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