6 Interesting Street Photography Subjects in Times Square New York City


Times Square in New York City is brimming with subjects to photograph. Apart from the most popular landscapes & the buildings of Times Square, there are many more interesting subjects for interesting street photography in New York City’s most popular square.

6 Interesting Street Photo Subjects in Times Square

1. Kids in Times Square – apart from New Yorkers, a lot of kids travel to New York City for the museums & exhibitions. They are one of the most interesting subjects to photograph on the streets of New York. You would also see a lot of tourists with kids in Times Square absorbing all they could of the most popular place in the country.

2. Lost tourists in Times Square – tourists travel in packs, alone, in small groups with curled up maps of all shapes & sizes. But maps hardly do the job of navigating tourists in the busy New York City. Lost tourists, curiously pouring over maps & trying to figure out which way to go make an interesting street photo subject in Times Square.

3. People using cell phones in Times Square – grown ups to kids, everyone seems to be on cell phones these days, even when crossing streets, driving vehicles & we’ve even seen people on cell phones riding bikes! You could get a lot of candid street photos in New York City of people on phones.

4. Men in Uniform in Times Square – New York City is a major port of entry and a major sea port & a military base. As such there are lot of people in the city in uniforms. They form a very interesting subject in Times Square, especially if you get them among crowds of tourists.

5. Times Square hot dog stands – you will find them in plenty in New York City, providing a quick & relishing break snack for a couple of dollars. Behind every fuming & smoky hot dog stand are a couple of busy cooks handing out the hot dogs faster than they could make them.

6. Bikers in Times Square – you will get bikers in New York city in small groups or in single, either cruising the streets for fun or out on their daily exercise regimen. Bikers are a very interesting subject for candid street photography.

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